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DiZiC develops innovative products using the latest available technologies and concepts from design stage up to the manufacturing process. Small size, reliability and easy of use is paramount for all our product lines.

IEE802.15.4/ZigBee Module

The 802.15.4 family is composed of several modules all using the latest STM32W108 wireless system on chip from STMicroelectronics. The modules show outstanding RF performances in terms of sensitivity and transmitting power at incredibly low consumption. Additionally, an efficient ARM Cortex…   Event DateRead More

TN100 Modules

The TN100 modules series are intended to be used in applications where extremely robust RF link is demanded or ranging capabilities a required. The modules are based on transceiver capable of chirp spread spectrum modulation communication. A powerful 32bit microcontroller enables complex…   Event DateRead More

Zigbee/802.15.4 Primer2 RF Extension
The DiZiC DZ-ZB-PRM2 Add-On Extension Module provides IEEE802.15.4 wireless communication capabilities to the STM32 Primer2 starter kit from Raisonance. Experience fun and new challenges with wireless networking. These ZigBee-compliant extension board is ready-to-use, simple to operate, and…   Event DateRead More